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Literature shakespeare

Shakespeare’s era is a very important aspect of the mile stones in british literature and play writing ,and is a world wide acclaimed literary genious. In the same way aspects of his time are reflected in the works that he created for example “thus the scene in shakespears henry vi part i (ii, iv) in which the two sides chose their emblems during a quarrel in the temple gardens in london,has no historical foundation. no doubt if the yorkists in the field wishes to wear a white rose,they had to make do with rosa arvensis.”Fisher.J (1989, pg189) This surguests that it was written with influence to the war of the roses but the aspect of the roses clearly inspired him to write something similar as to how the roses came about in the war of the roses. ultimate his surrounds and era influenced him as well as the roses.

Another example of shakespeare referring to the rose as follows “in the lines of shakespeare’s Richard iii ‘now is the winter of our discontent made glorious summer by the sun of york’ this rose-in-sun symbol later appeared (1465) on a gold coin that bore the name ‘rose noble’.” Fisher.J (1989, pg189) the way in which this is represented shows a strong link with the factors that Fisher.J says “from the days of the crusades -1096 onward-when it became usual for each of the leaders of various private armied to have his own coat of arms the rose became involved in politics” This surguests that before the time of shakespeare it was common for leader to have there coats of arms with the emblems utilizing roses.which means that shakespeare could have been influenced by this aspect his comments about “the sun of york” referring to the yorkist rose and the gold coin. coins and coats of arms are still used to this day. The 1982 twenty pence piece is still in currculation to this day featuring the tudor rose and crown representing what I interpert to be the war of the roses.The coat of arms can be indivually designed for family names as well as nobelman.

contents page

Contents page


 1) introduction

 2) etymology and history (The roots of the rose)

 3)Religion (The mystic rose)

i.The Virgin Mary

ii. The rosary

iii.The mystic rose

iiii.The rose of sharon

 4 )colour (roses are red violets are blue)






 6)Art (The artist and the rose)

i. Pre Raphaelite

ii. William Morris

iii. J.W.Waterhouse

7) political (The working rose)

i.The Labour party

8) The war of the roses (The rose and war)

9) poetry (a pocket full of posies)


i. shakespeare